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Being able to reach out and influence an audience is not something that just happens. 

Whether in a media interview, at the time of a crisis, in a presentation, on social media, or the myriad of other environments where we now communicate with people who are important to us, our ability to inform and persuade requires heightened communication skills. Those skills can be learned.  Positive Impact is a specialist training company that enables people and organisations to communicate more effectively and be able to create influence.  

Enabling your people to communicate their ideas, their ethos, their achievements and their views is what we do. With over twenty years’ experience working alongside organisations and individuals across all sectors we have created programmes to deal with all the challenges that face businesses today. 

We offer a range of courses, workshops and consultancy support that will equip your people to reach out to their audience and get their message across.

We have the answer to your questions and we will deliver programmes or services to meet your specific outcomes! ”

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Every course is different, but there are some basic building blocks. 

  • Proven programmes are tailored to your exact requirements 
  • Subject matter will be real, properly researched and treated realistically to give you a valuable learning experience
  • Your course will be run by a professional and appropriately qualified tutor with support team
  • We will deal sensitively with each individual participant
  • The session is likely to have a clear emphasis on practical learning
  • To enhance learning, the environment for each session will be as realistic as possible 
  • Training is always conducted in a confidential manner
  • We provide appropriate support materials for each session and participants are given high quality course notes in hardback and digital formats, reminders and useful templates
  • You can talk to your course tutor at any time before or after your session
  • Anyone who completes a training course can call us at any time afterwards for telephone advice - free of charge!

Positive Impact

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