10 Favourite Bits of PR Advice

Here are some thoughts from Jim Bianchi, a US based business to business PR professional, around his 10 favourite bits of PR advice.  You can find more of his thoughts at www.jbianchi777.wordpress.com.

I have slightly adjusted a couple to give a wider communications context because I think they work.

1)  In PR (and in life), attitude makes all the difference.  A person with great attitude and limited skills beats one with great skills and a bad attitude... every time.

2)  Brilliant strategy without flawless execution is like a new Lamborghini without fuel - it looks good, but it isn't going anywhere. 

3)  The most important tools in PR are your brain and your heart.  Be smart and be passionate.

4)  If you want what you say to be received with enthusiasm, be enthusiastic when you research your audience and be enthusiastic when you talk to them.

5)  Despite all the new tools and technologies, good PR and communication in general still comes down to relationships and trust.  If you build relationships and earn trust, you'll succeed. 

6)  Don't forget to use a picture (or video) to help tell your story.  Everyone "reads" pictures.

7)  The best way to stand out is not to behave brashly or dress flamboyantly.  The best way to stand out is to do outstanding work.

8)  It's important to really care about your work.  But it's also important to know when you have done the best you can and can do no more.  It is not a level playing field and you will not win every time.

9)  Always have a plan.  If it doesn't get written down, get measured and get rewarded, it won't get done.

10) Honesty really is the best policy.  The truth is powerful... and besides, it's a lot easier to remember than lies! 


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