Fracking Protest

Scoring a PR own goal! 

Recently on our local news round-up there was a story about a fracking protest near Beverley, East Yorkshire. The story followed a standard template, a bit of historic background and then some positioning shots. The fact that the protest was happening made it relevant and then followed various vox pops from people outside the perimeter of the site. So far so very normal, but then…

There followed a shot of two site security personnel sat in the front of a 4x4 vehicle inside the site but close to the perimeter fencing wearing balaclavas. The vehicle had been fitted with external speakers and they were playing Frank Sinatra’s My Way to the assembled protestors – and the attending media.

I cannot say whether this was an approved strategy by the company concerned with the fracking or whether it was the act of two individuals without a clue about reputational damage it might cause and who though it was a joke to do such a thing but to say this was a PR own goal is an understatement.

Irrespective of your view on fracking if anyone was looking for evidence that those involved with fracking don’t care about communities or simply to reinforce anti-fracking attitudes and the way that it is being managed in the UK then this was it. Unbelievable!

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