In recognising that giving a presentation or doing an interview on television or radio can be a bit nerve-wracking, we have recently found ourselves discussing on several courses what we call “the two realities.”

Ahead of the sessions we run we will send course joining instructions to each participant to explain the details of the session; when, where, dress code, timetable and so forth.  Nowhere within that document do we explain that there is a strong likelihood that participants may well experience an out of body experience….but I know that many do!

The fact that this happens is most usually revealed during playback of recordings and discussions that follow activities.  What people recognise is that as the interview progresses often they will begin to have a dialogue with what I call the “other you.”  This other you stands at your shoulder and tells you how they think you are doing. 

“What did you say that for? That’s rubbish. You sound like you don’t know what you're talking about.” 

These are typical comments that the “other you” offers to the you going through the activity.  With all the negative comments, almost always exclusively bad, no wonder the experience can be a trying one!

However hope and a little help is at hand. When people actually hear and see how they have done in reality, their comment is often based upon the observation that the interview or presentation was not as bad as they thought.  Having bought into the “other you’s” version of reality they then see a different reality as a member of the audience.

This is where the two realities come in.  There is the reality the presenter or interviewee experiences, an experience unique to themselves, and then there is the reality that everyone else (the audience) experiences. What the out of body experience highlights is that the two realities are different.  We encourage people to accept that the two realities exist and try to get them to a point where the “other you” is offering encouragement and positive reinforcement rather than criticism.  In developing techniques to be effective in media interviews and presentations we help build confidence that in turn helps people deal with the two realities. 

May all your out of body experiences be positive ones! 

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