Your customers and potential customers have a greater choice today than ever before around who delivers their goods and services.

Every buyer is an individual and our approach will help your customer-facing staff understand what that means and how it impacts on the buying process.  Creating positive influence around your customers’ buying decisions starts with an understanding of their perspective and their specific needs, and then meeting those aspirations.

Sales training with Positive Impact

We will help your people to focus on the buyer experience, build relationships with your customers and help them to buy from you.

Whole day or half day sessions – in house or open courses

Within a session your colleagues will learn:
  • Planning processes to be ready to treat each customer as an individual
  • Engagement and opening strategies – first impressions count!
  • Rapport building techniques using Emotional Intelligence (EI) to monitor emotional states and to use that information to guide thinking and behaviour
  • Value building questioning – to better understand what is important to your customer
  • Speaking and listening – how to manage dialogue to deliver the content you need to present
  • Building customer relationships – so your customer will come to trust you to deliver
  • The importance of body language in delivery and reading non-verbal cues
  • Persuasive language – how to unleash the power of the positive
Our training will give you the skills and confidence that will allow you to present a persuasive case, overcome objections and secure the sale!

Who should attend?  Having effective sales people is now so critical to a business so our training sessions will be of value to anyone who is in a customer facing sales role. All of our sessions are bespoke and the content of the session will be tailored depending on the needs of the participants.  We will design and deliver training for seasoned sales professionals who wish to learn advanced skills or for those of your colleagues who may be moving into a sales role for the first time. 

Positive Impact

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